Abstract submission deadline is 11:59 pm CST, Saturday, September 7, 2019.

Space limitations allow for a maximum of 2,300 keystrokes (including characters, spaces, and punctuation). Begin the character count at the title and end the count with the last key word or end of a table if one is included. The character count does not include authors and their affiliations.

Abstracts that are too long will not be accepted by the system.

The topics for abstracts are

  • Measurements of gut health / Intestinal barrier function (new ways to determine a healthy gut / barrier breakdown in disease or models and/or strengthening due to intervention)
  • Host mucosa-microbe interactions [mucus, epithelium, immune responses to microbes (commensals or pathogens)]
  • Mucosal immunobiology (anything immunology)
  • Nutrition and gut health (anything nutrition involving gut, not probiotics)
  • Measuring gut microbiota impact on gut health (microbiota/microbiome studies, must incorporate host measurements besides FCR and weight)
  • Mechanisms of beneficial microbes activity on gut health (mechanistic studies of probiotics, prebiotics, must incorporate mechanism of action studies)
  • Age-dependent development of the microbiome (acquisition and development of the microbiome; e.g., neonates/chicks to older animals)
  • Beneficial physiological effects of gut health (physiological studies beyond the gut, not FCR or weight alone)
  • Non-microbial interventions in gut health (anything impacting gut health that is not a pre- probiotic; e.g., small molecules, post-biotics)

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